Rallying Our Community to End Homelessness.

The Homeless Alliance works to end long-term homelessness in Oklahoma City by building the capacity of the community through collaboration with other agencies, identifying and filling gaps in homeless services, bringing nationally-recognized best practices to the community, and working to build a system that is more efficient, rationale, and caring.

The Homeless Alliance operates several housing programs for families with children, coordinates a community effort to house veterans and people who are chronically homeless, operates the IT infrastructure used by homeless-serving agencies in central Oklahoma, and publishes The Curbside Chronicle, a magazine that provides a voice and legitimate source of income for people who are homeless.

The Homeless Alliance owns and operates the Westtown Homeless Resource Campus which includes a Resource Center with offices for multiple nonprofit and government agencies, a housing complex, and a Day Shelter that serves an average of 300 people each day. The Day Shelter serves breakfast and lunch, provides showers, offers access to computers, phone, and mail, and provides access to needed services including mental and physical healthcare, budgeting assistance, legal support, and multiple classes and programs. For those people who can’t go to a homeless shelter because they have a companion animal from which they will not be parted, the Day Shelter removes that barrier by offering a kennel, complete with pet food and access to veterinary services, so that people with pets aren’t shut out of the system of care.

The Homeless Alliance has a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. To find out more about the latest needs, visit the United Way of Central Oklahoma’s Volunteer Center website.

If you are homeless or at risk for becoming homeless and need assistance visit Heartline 2-1-1 where you will gain access to the organizations in your area that provide free and low-cost services such as financial assistance, food, clothing, housing, counseling, health care and more. For additional assistance, you can dial 2-1-1 to speak to a service specialist.

**Cold Weather**
OKC overnight shelters are implementing their cold weather contingency plans. That means overflow beds will be open in addition to regular capacity on nights forecasted by the National Weather Service to be below 32 degrees. For a list of locations and details, click here. Additionally, our Day Shelter is open to anyone from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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United Way Partner

United Way of Central Oklahoma is focused on Successful Kids, Strong Families, Healthy Citizens, Independent Living, and Community Preparedness. Our Partner Agencies have been carefully selected and are reviewed annually. Held to higher standards of accountability than all other local non-profit organizations, they are the most effective service providers in our community.