Real Change


The “Real Change, Not Spare Change” vouchers are temporarily sold out. Please provide your contact information here and we will notify you as soon as more are available. Thank you so much for your support.

In the meantime, you can download these cards to distribute to individuals who could use a hand. The cards provide contact information for The Curbside Chronicle, an employment program for people who are homeless or at-risk. Cut along the black line and fold so that there is a red and blue side to each card.



In response to increased perception of panhandling, Downtown OKC approached the Homeless Alliance for assistance in 2005. Although research revealed that many panhandlers were not actually homeless, the Homeless Alliance developed a plan to address the problem. The result: an initiative that solves multiple problems.

  • Some panhandlers are homeless and genuinely need help. We want to help them.
  • Panhandlers may be seeking money to purchase drugs or alcohol. We want to show this group that we don’t support those behaviors in OKC.
  • Residents of OKC are charitably minded. We need a way to help without enabling unhealthy behavior.

The Real Change Program does just that. Here’s how it works: First, you purchase a book of 5 vouchers for $5. When approached by a panhandler, give them a voucher instead of $1. Each voucher includes information on the downtown homeless shelters and a bus ticket to get there. If the person is truly in need the voucher is better than money because it provides access to helping agencies, and if not, the voucher isn’t very attractive.


Outcomes from the program have been positive. Since the launch in October 2005, we’ve seen a significant, measurable decline in the number of contacts that OKC Ambassadors have made with panhandlers.


The vouchers, available in books of 5, are printed with instructions for how to redeem it. All of the bus stations participating in the program are mapped on the back of the ticket, along with the participating shelters printed on the front. There is also a phone number on the front of the ticket in case a specialty shelter needs to be contacted.

United Way Partner

United Way of Central Oklahoma is focused on Successful Kids, Strong Families, Healthy Citizens, Independent Living, and Community Preparedness. Our Partner Agencies have been carefully selected and are reviewed annually. Held to higher standards of accountability than all other local non-profit organizations, they are the most effective service providers in our community.